My name is Jen Balisi, a 5 foot tall gal who's turned her love for food & travel into a full-time job. I've always had a passion for food, as I grew up in a Filipino household where it was the center of every occasion. This passion only grew as I moved to the restaurant capital that is New York City to attend undergraduate business school at New York University. As I began a career in digital and mobile marketing at American Express, I decided to use my free time to build Indulgent Eats, which began as a blog and transitioned into a burgeoning Instagram account that currently boasts almost 350,000 followers.

Thanks to this lucky timing with Instagram, I was able to leave my 6 year career in marketing in May 2017 to pursue my passions full-time, primarily through sponsored content creation and partnerships on Indulgent Eats. After 10 years in NYC, I've also relocated to Hong Kong to follow my fiancé, who got a job opportunity out in Asia. This move will allow us to explore a whole new culinary capital and travel to more destinations to be featured on Indulgent Eats.

If you are a restaurant, brand, or other food, travel, or lifestyle product or service, please feel free to reach out if you're interested in promotion on Indulgent Eats. I am also available for freelance food and travel photography and writing, as well as social media and marketing consulting.

I hope we can work together soon!